How To Use Your 2POUR® Accessory

Great coffee means getting your brewing method right!

We’ve created our own method to ensure you get the best possible experience whilst using your 2POUR® coffee accessory.

STEP 1 – Grind 30g of medium ground coffee, around the size of table salt.

STEP 2 – Add the coffee to your Aeropress® using the upside down method.

STEP 3 – Boil 500ml of water to 90-96ºC and add roughly 255ml.

STEP 4 – Place the filter onto the Aeropress® and let steep for 1 minute.

STEP 5 – Push down on your Aeropress® and watch the 2POUR® take over.

STEP 6 – Top up your cups with the remaining water, or to taste. Perfect!

Got Your Own Recipe?

We love to hear about other brewing recipes, so please submit your recipes to us with the form below – we’ll try them all, and if we like them, we’ll post them on our social media channels.

Be sure to include your (social media handle) so we can point our community to other great coffee enthusiasts like you!

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