2POUR® Stainless Filter Mesh


The paper filters have a different taste. They remove the oils from the coffee which leaves a different flavour. By using reusable stainless filters, you can get the full flavour of the coffee, just like the coffee shops.

This filter will last years if looked after properly. Just rinse after use, then repeat time and time again.

The filter uses 40,000 holes which we find is the best combination of grit removal and taste. Anything less and the grit gets let through, any more and we find the taste loses body. Obviously, this is our personal choice.

Welded and full stainless ring offering years of use, saving paper and offering a different taste. Just rinse and air dry until next use.

The welded rim that is on our design keeps the shape of the lid and makes it easy to use the Aeropress in either the standard or upside down method.