2POUR® Gold Filter Solid Stainless


The paper filters have a different taste. They remove the oils from the coffee which leaves a different flavour. By using reusable stainless filters, you can get the full flavour of the coffee, just like at the coffee shops.

This is a solid stainless disc which has two advantages over our other mesh filters.

1. It is thinner as there is no rim. A small number of users will need this over the finer mesh type, as the rim on those models can cause issues if the cap is too tight. This is down to Aeropress ® manufacturing tolerances and not something we can control.

2. Is it even easier than the mesh type to clean as the surface is flat, so just wipe over once with a sponge.

This filter will last years if looked after properly.

Please note the gallery pictures are for reference. You are buying just one filter and not a pack of 4.